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Top of garage photoshoot of Shay – with LUAS Mikey, Jeff Medlin and RJ Alvarde

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This past friday I had the pleasure of meeting up with RJ, Jeff, and Mikey from LightenUpAndShoot (LUAS) after my work on friday afternoon to do an impromptu photoshoot, I said impromptu because I saw this post below from Mikey at my lunch break at work:

LightenUpAndShoot Mikey FB Photoshoot call

LightenUpAndShoot (LUAS) Mikey FB Photoshoot call

After consulting with my inner voice (don’t lie! I know you do too!!)

I figured: Hey, why wouldn’t I? It’s been a long time since I have shot something, and since RJ, Jeff and Mikey are all WAY MORE accomplished photographers than I am, so if by hanging around them I could pick up some shreds of awesomeness, why the heck not? I always believe in the mentality that if you don’t make it happen, nobody else will make it happen for you; the biggest enemy you will have to overcome is often times yourself.

Enough philosophy talk, I am not here to lecture, there are people way more qualified than I am, I will leave this up to them.

As I was saying, I met up with the gang after my work at an abandoned parking garage that RJ has found when he was doing location scouting, I must say, it’s a pretty awesome looking area, not only is it not gated, it’s well lighted and surprisingly no homeless people camping in that area.

After I got there shortly, Calixto pulled up on one of the cleaning 350Z I have seen, and in walks out Shay, the star of the night, she says she is pretty new at this and needs quite a bit of directions from the photographer (RJ), but honestly I think she did just fine for being a beginning model, I think it can only go up and up from here.

RJ Alvarade's shots of Shay

RJ Alvarade’s shots of Shay

I just wanted to thank everyone for coming up and helping out with this great shot, it was alot of fun for me and thanks to Shay for being such a trooper for friday was when the cold front rolled into Dallas, the temperature went from 80s to to 60s, can you imagine wearing sleeveless shirts as if it’s nothing? I can’t, my teeth would be chattering and I would be shivering in my boots, mad props to you, Shay, mad props.

Lastly, here is a paparazzi shot I’ve gotten out of this while RJ was figuring out technical difficulties, enjoy!

2012_10_05 LUAS Mikey, Jeff, and RJ abandoned parking garage BTS

Shay: 60 degrees? Pfff, turn down the AC please!!!


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October 8, 2012 at 1:47 PM

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