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LightenUpAndShoot.com (LUAS) Dallas Workshop

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So a week ago I was fortunate enough to attend the Dallas workshop hosted by Lightenupandshoot Mikey.

Guys, if you have not heard of LUAS, stop what you are doing right now! and head over to http://lightenupandshoot.com/ to see all the awesome photos Mikey is able to produce with one or two off camera flash on location.

ChucknShayla Mitchell-Schuerer was one of the car owner that I was fortunate enough to photograph at the Car Invasion down in Deep Ellum area.

Mikey approached Chuck to see if it would be cool for us to test our gears and techniques on him as Chuck backed his car on the side of the street.

Thanks to Fabian Andablo for assisting with the golden orange light skimming Chuck’s forearms, go team works! lol.

The whole shoot took about 5 minutes from start to finish, it was unfortunate that we were not able to photograph Chuck’s with him as she was away at that time frame. Oh well, there’s always next time now that I have his contact info. 😛

Chuck has since sold the caddy that was featured in this photo.

P.S The textures in the sky were added in Photoshop, thanks to the quick and simple tutorial by Mikey.

P.S.S I do have more photos from the workshop, just waiting for permissions from our models, or could I just go ahead and post them up here?

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September 12, 2012 at 8:49 PM

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