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DIY: C-Stands

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Since I’ve gotten Canon 7D, I’ve been playing more and more with the video portion of the camera, the noise is obviously visible at 1600/3200 range, but man, it comes back to the age old question.

Do you want picture/ video with a little bit of noise? or no picture/video at all? Me? It would be picture with noises every time! I’ve been shooting with my Rebel XT with ISO 1600 for about 3 years now, and the noises seems very minimal after I’ve run the images through NoiseNinja. And to be honest, when you work for newspaper or whoever it happens to be, they won’t really care about the noises, as long as you get the shot that captures the scene, tells the story, sure it would be nice to be less noise than what you have right now, but if you are low on budget and there is nothing better that you could use, then you gotta work with what you got, if you INSIST on using lower ISO simply because you are afraid of digital noise, then good luck to you my friend, it’s not going to fly when every single picture you gave your editor are blurry….

What does this have to do with C-Stand you might ask? Well, let me tell you what I am thinking

DIY Galvanized pipe C-Stand http://bit.ly/5ZcELw

Once this is done, it would be easy (and cheap) to mount the light on these stands instead of lightstand or camera equipment store bought stands because:

1. Store bought C-Stands are freaking expensive compared to the $30 C-Stand linked above.

2. They are hard to come by, most of the C-Stands are used until they are dead, and if they are for sale, you can’t guarantee that they would work smoothly. Which brings me to point 3.

3. Knowing how heavy store bought C-Stand weights, almost any deals that you can find on eBay or online stores would most likely not be a deal anymore once you added the shipping to it.

Seems like DIY is the way to do it for the C-Stand whether you are a still or video-grapher. More to come regarding the lights you mount on these C-Stands.

Until next time, just go out and shoot!


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February 7, 2010 at 10:56 PM

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